Day 323

Day 323 – Sun 23 July –  Morning service at Ballyclare EPC doesn’t being till 11.30, farming congregation traditionally start later over here though I’m not really sure there are any farmers left in the church. It’s the church we were married in and it’s always good to go back each year. Stephen Roger the Minister was still on holiday so the services were taken by 2 of Stranmillis EPC’s elders. Harold Gibson in the morning on 2 Tim 4 (the Fight, the Race, the Faith, the Crown) and in the evening Colin Moore on Psalm 27. I was out in the crèche in the evening but stayed in next to Ellie in the morning. There is a strong denominational identity to the congregation, with elders knowing one another well from the different congregations. Harold and Colin did well, it would be hard to find two finer elders (with the exception of my own elders).

The afternoon was very relaxed reading more of Calvin’s Company of Pastors, I’m in the boring stretches of the book where the details of Church Discipline, and Pastor’s Households can stretch your patience. The volume is meticulously researched. It’s a 6pm evening service and no coffee and tea afterwards so you’re home pretty quickly for a long Sunday evening, we’ve had great weather so far.


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