Day 343

Day 343 – Sun 13 Aug – It was nice to have a Sabbath from house renovations. It was lovely to be back at IPC, we had a number of visitors which swelled out numbers.  I was leading and Rich Woolfe who is a Minister at Village Seven Presbyterian Church in Colorado Springs preached helpfully for us from Ephesians 4. I’d not met Rich before but that church has been a great supporter of Missionaries who’ve served with us so it was good to have him. My dad had a long chat with his wife and found out that Village 7 was the church Jerry Bridges attended, my father knew him when they were in Amsterdam together in 50’s.

We were at Daphne’s for lunch with the Little’s which was lovely. In the evening Paul Meiners preached warmly to us from Philippians 4. There was a good number out for August and it was good to see folk again. I’m away now for the next 3 Sundays again, I’m looking forward to getting back to normality in September.


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