Day 344

Day 344 – Mon 14 Aug – On the building front they started on the patio, kitchen fitters still going, my father painting away. I met with Marta to talk through our camp to Swansea, there’s probably going to be 39 of us going. The weather looks pretty ropey so pray for sunshine it makes a big difference. I popped in to town to see Dick Lucas about a few things, he was wonderfully encouraging and has given me a list of books to read. In the course of our conversation he read out –

CofE Article 23 –   Ministering in the congregation

It is not right for an man to take upon himself the office of public preaching or of administering the sacraments in the congregation before he has been lawfully called and sent to perform these tasks. The lawfully called and sent are those who have been chosen and called to this work by men who have had public authority given to them in the congregation to call and send such ministers into the Lord’s vineyard.
I found that very helpful. I caught up on some reading and am pretty convinced on preaching through the Heidelberg Catechism beginning at some point over the next year. I went through my material for Swansea, I’ll do 5 talks while I’m there. Alanna had made us tea which was really kind and in the evening I was off.


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