Day 346

Day 346 – Wed 16 Aug – Well the kitchen is finally finished but we’ve discovered we can’t lay the floor in the kitchen and the utility room for another 6 weeks until the concrete has completely dried, however they are making good progress. I’m back in my study working and trying to think through preaching Matthew. We had to pick up two Minibuses from Twickenham Prep school who generously lend them to us for the camp in Swansea. I then met with one of our young men for lunch who is was very encouraging and desiring to grow, a good and heartening conversation. In the afternoon one of our other young men popped in which was great, we had a good and honest time. It wasn’t an easy conversation but I think we both appreciated it. I’m such a people pleaser and find actually having honest conversations with folk sometimes really hard.
Chris Cradock one of our elders led the prayer gathering in the evening and took us round the IPC churches and after the meeting I popped in on one of our couples for an hour which was encouraging.


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