Pray for our camp in Swansea….

It will be wonderful if you could pray for a number of things, the camp started today and goes till next Wednesday:

  • The talks – we’re going to be looking at big questions. I’ll be doing the 5 talks and preaching at Ebenezer Sunday morning
  • There’s a number of seminars, a daily bedtime story on Martin Luther, and small groups where the young people get to discuss where they’re at personally
  • One of the joys of going away together is having lots more time, so please pray for good conversations for the young people and that friendships would be formed and strengthened
  • Pray for safety and for good sleep for all so that we can make the most of the time
  • Good weather – we do have a wet weather plan, but it makes such a difference to be able to be outside and out on the beach.
  • There’s a good group of leaders – pray we would work well together and have servant hearts
  • Give thanks for the cooks who come with us.
  • We’ve got 7 students coming who are going to be serving alongside us, pray that they get a lot out of the week and we get the opportunity to encourage them
  • Give thanks for Ebenezer Baptist, hosting us again, for their partnership in the gospel
  • For great fun and that there would be children and young people who come to faith and who grow in their faith during this holiday.
  • That this camp would lead to our young people being more involved in the life of the church.

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