Day 348

Day 348  – Fri 18 Aug – We got away from IPC at 9.40, Jono did the most remarkable job in packing the minibuses, I thought we were done for with some of our girls bringing enough luggage for a month but he got it all in. We stopped in Leigh Delamere on the way and our bus was pretty calm all the way. Both minibuses got here for mid afternoon and  we went straight down to the Mumbles for games on the beach and a bit of fresh air. There was a torrential downpour that soaked everyone but we were back for tea. Our first meeting went off ok I spoke on ‘What’s wrong with the world/me?’ I don’t think I communicated that well and so need to change things for the rest of the talks.

Ebenezer has a leaky roof in the middle hall so we’ve got our students and a couple of leaders staying over at Elim which is a brilliant provision. The kids are doing really well, Jono did a fantastic job doing the bedtime story telling the first part of Martin Luther’s life. Kids went off to sleep well and I think by 11.15 there was quiet. Lots to be encouraged about and praying for.


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