Day 349

Day 349 – Sat 19 Aug – Everyone slept well, and we got the whole lot of them to the Swansea Park Run along the front, fair play they all did it. I managed to jog the whole way round but somehow had a slower time. I had on opportunity to speak about the gospel and invite a guy to church who I was running with. We were back for 10.30 and then I did my second talk from Mark 2 on ‘Can I be forgiven?’, the kids listened well and there was some good comeback from the kids.

In the afternoon we got them down to Caswell Bay and most went into the sea, I think the general consensus was that is was freezing, beach games and then back for supper. Everyone was pretty exhausted but one final trip out to Bracelet Bay, as one leader put it there’s a fine line between getting them tired enough to go to bed and clinical exhaustion. They went down like lights!!


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