Day 350

Day 350 – Sat 20 Aug – We gave them a lie in till 8.30 and then got them out for a walk round Swansea city centre, in years gone by I’ve taken them to the old Vetch where the Swans used to play not that they were that bothered. This year we went round the Marina and were back for 11am service. I was leading and preaching and dealt with ‘Why does God allow us to suffer?’ from 2 Corinthians 1. I felt people listened and it’s a joy each year to see folk I grew up with and they love having our young people.

Claire and the kids have been staying with my mum and it was so good to see them. Claire went back with Phoebs after a magnificent lunch, my mam,  No and Els stayed with us. It was a total wash out so the leaders did a great job with the kids indoors all day. There was a remarkable game of human hungry hippos.

Graham John was preaching in the evening on Psalm 90 and it was good to hear him. It was a joy to see our folk talking to people in Ebenezer and making the effort. The young people watched the Princess Bride later on and we had a good day all round. Rainy days on camp can be really tricky but we have much to thank God for.


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