Day 351

Day 351 – Mon Aug – I gave my third talk to start the day on Luke 18 – the Pharisee and the Tax Collector  – What do you want from God? – I struggled to speak as I should and it just felt hard work. The young people are listening and so it’s very difficult to guage how much they are taking in. We had two seminars later in the morning one on the gospel using Glen Scrivener’s 321 outline and another on ‘Instagram and Union with Christ’, I tried to sleep at the back of the room of the latter and the young people seemed very engaged.
After a good lunch we headed out to Oxwich and spent a wonderful afternoon on the beach. I made it into the sea which was very enjoyable. We’ve been blessed with a really great team of leaders and task force who has given themselves selflessly to the kids.
In the night was the camp quiz which went down well, despite losing to Olly Mallett at Basketball it was another good day.


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