Day 353

Day 353 – Wed 23 Aug – Final Day of camp and I gave the last session on ‘Why does God allow suffering?’ it was more of an Apologetics talk than the one I gave on Sunday. Quite a few of the kids have gone through very hard times over the last couple of years so I hope that the message helped. It was the first time I’ve ever preached from an IPAD. I’d do it again and it saves on paper but you can’t write all over it last minute like I do on my normal notes

The kids then had review groups, seminars and out round the city centre for a scavenger hunt. We left Swansea about 2.30 and the journey took 5 hours. Listening to teenagers music all the way was pretty unbearable. Jono and I had to get the minibuses back to Twickenham so I was home about 9.30.

We’ve had a really great time and many thanks for praying. The leaders and task force worked so hard and we’re trusting that there’ll be much fruit from this week. It’s exhausting and lots of hard work for everyone but definitely worth it.


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