Day 354

Day 354 – Thu 24 Aug – It was lovely to be back home and the kids were excited at the progress on the house. I had staff meeting first thing and then we all went to the dentist as a family.

We’re in the midst of moving out ofor our church building and folk are working hard on it. I sorted through some stuff briefly in the afternoon before going through material for this weekend in Inverness. Dad finished up his painting, there’s still a bit to do but he’s been absolutely remarkable. His energy for an 82 year old is amazing.

In the early part of the evening we opened up the church for neighbours to look at plans for the building project. 6 folk came in which was encouraging.

Claire and I have been married 17 years today. We don’t do much for anniversaries it normally falls during holiday bible club. It’s remarkable how she is so very patient!


One thought on “Day 354”

  1. So a belated Happy Anniversary to you both. We remain grateful to her for leading you to the Presbyterian light. Katy and I reached 48 years together this month. Longsuffering is a virtue not appreciated before marriage.


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