Day 355

Day 355 – Fri 25 Aug – We had a load of stuff to get done as a family and so we spent the morning going to various different places. Our builder assures us that the inside of the house will be finished next Friday which was a piece of welcome news. There’s still the kitchen floor to lay and if we get permission the outside office and dropping the kerb at the front.

I was flying from Gatwick so got down to Brentford and caught the train across. Clapham Junction was bedlum with trains being cancelled but I made it in time. I was on the EasyJet flight and we were diverted to Edinburgh for an hour before making it up to Inverness. Pete Humphris picked me up and we drove to Alltnacriche SU centre, it was raining and misty but even still the views were beautiful. HIC, Inverness has been in existence for 5 and half years there’s 35 of us at the weekend and we had a good evening, ice breakers, quiz. I’m impressed by how International the church is and a good number of children.


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