Day 356

Day 356 – Sat 26 Aug – It’s a pretty relaxed programme on the weekend so I wasn’t doing the first session till 11. I’d really struggled to know what to speak on and in the end with 2 sessions on the Fear of God. People really listened and there was a sense in which I felt really helped in speaking. It’s always hard to judge . The church in HIC is growing and it’s been a slow work but there’s a great welcoming atmosphere among the folk. James Torrens is a fine leader and preacher, I’m confident that if it can carry on as it is it will grow. There’s a great mix in the congregation of ages, ethnicities and nationalities The afternoon there were various activities but I slept before giving my second session on the Fear of the Lord. Giving both talks did me good if no one else.

There was an evening meal before the kids did a talent show, first up were bagpipes (indoors!!) and then an accordion. The kids were in fine form, afterwards the adults did room 101, I’d never watched the tv programme but various folk rant on things that they’d like to get rid of in life. I was in bed early, I’d hoped to read more this weekend but have failed on that count so far.


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