Day 359

Day 359 – Tue 29 Aug – I have had two and a half months off preaching at IPC and amazingly I find myself further behind in planning for this term than in other years. I’ve done loads of background prep but nothing ready to preach. So I got my head down to begin preparing some sermons for a short series on the Holy Spirit.

I met with Gethin and Chris just to briefly go through the next few weeks. I love it when things start up again and you get back to “normal” church life. Adam Curtis  from Tunbridge Wells spoke at ELT on John 2. He’s currently at Cornhill and was very good, engaging and good on the text. There was a brief stop in Mcdonalds with some of our lot and then I cycled down to Shepherds Bush to see Reuben Hunter. It was helpful to talk over church membership with him, he’s doing a great work at Trinity West.

Our builders managed to make a mistake on putting a sink in the wrong place. It’s incredible how something so small can be so stressful. Hopefully they will be able to sort it out. I played 5 a side in the evening and it was hard work, oh to be in shape again.


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