Yr 2 – Day 1

Yr 2 – Day 1- Fri 1 Sept –

I was around in the morning with the family and doing various stuff round the house. I have bunched all my travel into these few weeks, but I’m a bit fed up of being away. I’m not away at all next week and I can’t wait. I was at the airport by 12.30 and caught the flight to Warsaw with BA. Taking a taxi to my hosts you notice a couple of things, it’s cleaner than London, some great church buildings and that the architecture is very ecclectic. On one street you can have 6 or 7 different styles, it’s a testament to the durability of the Polish people to rebuild.

I arrived for tea and Dariusz cooked these magnificent Polish sausages that are addictive. He and his wife Brooke and their three children Levi, Eva and Anselm (who are similar ages to my 3) moved to Poland 2 years ago to begin the work of Tolle Lege Institute and Church Planting. Dariusz was brought up in Poland but went to College and Seminary in the US. He served for a time with Derek Thomas at First Pres, Columbia and is an ARP supported missionary. We really enjoyed having him over at IPC and I hope there will be some form of partnership between our congregations.


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