Yr 2 – Day 3

Yr 2- Day 3 – Sun 3 Sept – Today was a terrific day. Morning Worship was at 10.30, the church started in January but has outgrown  the Brycko’s home and so meets at the Tolle Lege centre. The long term is that they’d like to have the church meeting elsewhere so not to confuse the two works in peoples mind. Today was the first time with the seats in a new arrangement as they had a new white screen at the front which covered a painting of John Calvin.


Before the service people were very welcoming and a good atmosphere. The worship service is structured and thoughtful, it’s a typical reformed service. Call to Worship, Invocation, Lord’s Prayer, Reading of the Law, Confession of Sin, Assurance of Pardon, Intercession, Creed, Sermon, Weekly Lord’s Supper, Doxology, Benediction. We sang Psalms and Hymns with simple accompaniment. Apart from the sermon all was in Polish and around 25 were there, probably the dominant group is young men in their 20s. Chatting to them afterwards they are theologically switched on and loving being part of the new church. There is another fine elder, an older businessman who Dariusz has known for a number of years and he will add ballast to the work. When you think what the Lord has done since January in this church being planted and growing it should be a source of huge joy.

In lots of ways the approach that has led to this church plant is a model. The congregation belongs to the ARP’s, Darius is an Ordained ARP Minister who has been sent to plant this church. He has a particularly strong link with First Pres Columbia and so there is lots of Pastoral Support and Oversight from there. As a national in Poland he is accepted and so has been able to hit the ground running., as someone who is funded from the US by a denomination he is able to be free from the concerns of having to raise funds and I think has a greater freedom in leading the work. The work has the potential to really thrive and it could be an excellent partnership for us in Ealing with so many Poles.

I preached again on 2 Corinthians 1 “Why does God allow suffering?” and people listened, I shortened the sermon somewhat but still could have done with shaving off a few more minutes. People were very responsive afterwards. I preached in a Genevan Robe for the second time, I didn’t mind though it felt a bit heavy and the Polyester makes you warm.

Afterwards there was good coffee and then Nathan and I went back to the Bryckos for lunch. I had to leave for the flight late afternoon and so missed the evening Catechism class which is held in their home. The plane was delayed so it meant a late night but I managed to break the back of DG Hart on Machen which people rave about. It’s written more for an American audience and so far I’ve not actually found out very much about the man.


3 thoughts on “Yr 2 – Day 3”

  1. What do you mean “written more for an American audience?” 😕

    Is that a polite way of saying “lots of pictures and not much substance!?” Hmmmm?


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