Yr 2 – Day 4

Yr 2 – Day 4 – Mon 4 Sept – I was studying by 8 and had a great start in Isaiah 65. I’m nearly done for Sunday morning and managed to get a start on Sun night. I’m enjoying Dale Bruner’s book on the ‘Holy Spirit: The shy member of the Trinity’. In the afternoon I briefly went to Dean Hall to see Donald and then was back to the books and preparing for the session meeting that evening.

We met at Dean Hall for session and there were 16 of us round the table, it was great to have James Buchanan there from Liss who gave a report, Simon A from Ilford had Peter Leach with him from York also reported on Ilford. It’s going to be a different dynamic with a larger group but we’ll get used to it soon enough. Encouragingly the men in training all have their papers into C&C. It felt a long meeting but we were done bang on 10.


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