Yr 2 – Day 5

Yr 2 – Day 5 – Tue 5 Sept –  I was able to get another early start. the kids had their first day back in school looking pristine! Sunday morning is nearly done and I’m making good progress on Sunday night. It’s  the advantage of having done quite a bit of background work. Gethin Jones was starting a new series from Matthew at ELT and we seemed to be really full even qith quite a few regulars away. Afterwards I caught up with our missionaries who work alongside us. I got some more work done and service sheet planning. In the evening I did a Pastoral visit with a young couple in the church that I hope will become members.

DG Hart’s biography of Machen comes alive in Chapter 6 ‘A question of character’ . It’s a masterful chapter on how the theological progressives basically got of rid of Machen, it’s been echoed throughout the 20th century as soft evangelicals throw confessional Presbyterians under the bus. That is obviously an enormous simplification but the book is worth getting just for that chapter, to show how denominations in the end often make it intolerable for those holding to Scripture


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