Yr 2 – Day 8

Yr 2 – Day 8 – Fri Sept 8 – I met with Chris and Gethin first thing and then with Piotr Stolarski who is a local historian and has a number of blogs – Biblical Existentialist Medley. I’d attended a lecture he gave on Poles in Ealing earlier on in the year which was outstanding.  I wanted to get his perspective on an event we are planning  on the Reformation in Poland later this year. Piotr has a Phd from Aberdeen in Post Reformation studies in Poland.  He was incredibly helpful and Generous, giving me a copy of his book Christianity in Ealing and another volume by Michale Springer on ‘Restoring Christ’s Church’ which looks at John a Lasco’s ministry in London. I was very impressed by him, he’d read a number of Schaeffer’s works.

From there I went into the City to have lunch with Dick Lucas. Dick basically empties his fridge when I come so three enormous fishcakes followed by sticky toffee pudding, I  could barely move. He was in wonderful form, so very encouraging, impressing on me to be more serious in worship and even positive about Genevan gowns.  He was thrilled to hear about my trip to Poland and opportunities we might have because of that.

I was back for some reading in the afternoon and then Claire was out in the evening so got some more done.


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