Yr 2 – Day 11

Yr 2 – Day 11 – Mon 11 Sept – Mon 11th Sept – At the end of this week it’s Presbytery in Aberdeen and next week is even worse so I was in the study early and made a good start on Isaiah 66. I need to be ahead for next week before I leave for Presbytery on Fri morning with moving into Dean Hall we’ve had new publicity done, it’s a great opportunity to reach out into a new area. I did some door to door in the early evening  and then trying to get into flats to deliver flyers. I managed to get into three new blocks that had keypad locks in them, following a pizza delivery man in, a kind gentleman I asked and he let me in, the other time I just walked in surreptitiously behind someone. I find I pray more when doing door to door and flyering. It was the deacons meeting afterwards which went well, there’s quite a bit of practical stuff still to do with the move and a few teething issues.

I’m loving this version of Dear Refuge of my Weary Soul


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