Yr 2 – Day 13

Yr 2 – Day 13 – Wed 13 Sept – I had a great start to the day with a phone call from someone in our congregation saying they’d be willing to pay for the initial 7 week run of Greenford Lunchtime Talks. We’d been praying that the Lord might provide funds for us to try it and he has provided. The plan is to do a different series in Greenford Town Hall and run it on Thursdays from the start of November. I was in the books until lunchtime where I met one of the workers in the Council who attends our ELT, we’re praying we’ll see more council workers coming along and trying to think through that more. It was on to another pastoral issue in the afternoon.

Our house groups started up in the evening and we’re going through the IPC Distinctives document that Presbytery passed a few years ago. It was a good discussion and helpful to be reminded of these thngs.

My friend Jose Sagovia in Madrid had been on National TV discussing Spanish Protestants and the Reformation. It’s a magnificent opportunity. Do pray for Jose.



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