Yr 2 – Day 14

Yr 2 – Thu Sept 14 – Day 14 – I had a day at home, with Presbytery tomorrow and Friday and then 4 days out next week I am slightly up against it when it comes to preparation for sermons. Where did all that time of the summer go to? I worked on the sheets for Children, I’m more convinced than ever of the need for covenant Children to be in worship. They don’t pick up everything by any means but they grow up knowing they belong with the worshipping people of God. I work on questions of my sermon, normally between 25 and 35 – it’s very time consuming but what I realised today as I wrote questions for the children was that my sermon was incoherent and needed more work, so I reworked parts of it. I finished both morning and evening sermons and so began on the following week. I have been thinking about Matthew’s gospel and done quite a bit of prior prep but I’m going to wait until Mid Oct before starting it. I’ll preach Psalm 16 next week.

I’m not sure I’ve been particularly pleasant to be around today, for some unknown reason I’ve been grumpy and crotchety particularly with the family there’s no reason for it other than indwelling sin. It’s a terrible thing that you can preach the truth but be a horror at home. What a work of sanctification is needed still in me.


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