Yr 2 – Day 22

Year 2 – Day 22 – Fri 22 Sept –  I was up just after 4 and we were on the road by 4.30. It was a comedy morning from the off. I’d told Donald we’d pick him up at 5.55 when I meant 4.55, the minibus is shabby chic to say the least, at times on the motorway with my foot to the floor we were at 35mph and the window on the drivers side gradually slides down, the handle doesn’t work so  you just have to yank it up. 6 hours later and another 45 minutes to find a parking space we arrived in York. There were around 45 young folk at the Keystone Conference with another 30/40 expected tomorrow, Simon Arscott is the main speaker this year on Haggai. I only heard one of the sessions and it was outstanding on building the church, powerful preaching. There are different seminars and I was doing one on ‘Who are you afraid of? and fear’ by the end of it those attending looked as exhausted as I felt. We were at the Roberts’ for a BBQ with everyone and I was relieved to make it to bed.



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