Our relationship with the Spirit….

In my sermon last Sunday night I quoted from Geoff Thomas on our relationship with the Spirit. It’s taken from his sermon on Ephesians 5:18 you can read here.

“Our relationship with the Holy Spirit is not like your relationship with the speed camera. That camera is not grieved if you do 35 mph in a 30 mph zone. It might be situated in the most beautiful valley in Wales but it never takes photographs of sunsets and lakes and swans flying across fields. It simply snaps your car breaking the speed limit. It is a programmed machine. Your relationship with the Holy Spirit is not like your relationship with a cash dispenser. You feed in your card and you punch in your number and out comes your money. That’s all it does. You can be in the foulest mood imaginable; you can be muttering and complaining under your breath and shouting at your children to stay still but the cash-point is utterly indifferent; it will simply give you what you want if you have sufficient credit. My relationship with a cash-point is inert. It is not like that with the Spirit. He is a living person who groans and loves and prays and can be grieved and blesses. If I am not maturing, and not loving, and not witnessing, and not praying, and not worshipping as I should then the fault does not lie in a breakdown in the divine machinery. It lies in our own personal failure to maintain a living growing relationship with the Lord who is the Spirit.”



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