Yr 2 – Day 27

Year 2 – Day 27 – Wed Sept 27th –  I was speaking at Amyand Park Chapel Ladies Meeting in Twickenham, I love that church and their minister Gerard Hemmings is one of my heroes. I speak every couple of years at the ladies meeting where you are stuck in the corner of a room with a crowd of women and then you are to speak evangelistically. I slightly dread it coming and always say I won’t go again but actually it was a very fruitful time. A number of Non Christian women said in response to the talk that they’d want to read the bible with someone which is thrilling. From there I travelled into town for the AGM of Evangelicals Now, I’m a Director and again I’m not really sure how I ended up involved with it. The next 18  months will see a time of transition for the newspaper, there’s a new Assistant Editor Jonathan Worsley of Kew Baptist, John Benton has indicated he’ll be stepping down in 18 months after being editor since 1988. There will also be a new Chairman of the Board as Willie Mackenzie will be standing down next year.  The paper is in good heart but there is a need for thinking through how it needs to change in the future if it is to continue being useful.

I was back for tea, my parents are still around and my father in law was over for the first site meeting of the building project. They have started demolishing!!!! Hallelujah
We had housegroup and finished off discussing the Distinctives document.


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