Yr 2 – Day 35

Year 2 – Day 35 – Thu 5t Oct – Chris Roberts picked me up and we made the trek over to Ilford. I’d invited all the Presbyterian Ministers I know in London for us to meet and pray. There were 9 of us there and quite a few couldn’t make it, the IPC, Simon Arscott spoke excellently on Exodus 5 “Don’t Quit and Reasons why shouldn’t quit”, just terrific material.

We all shared about our families and churches before praying for one another. It was a really great time. We’d done it before possibly 8 or 9 years ago now but it’s worth getting going again. I hope we’ll meet a couple of times a year. Afterwards I went into town from the East to meet with James Buchanan who is doing well in Liss, it’ll need a long term work there just patiently building the work.

Our kitchen floor is being laid so the house was a bit all over the place. Donald was with us for tea and then I did a quick Pastoral Visit in the evening before a flying trip up to IKEA and managed to get home before the end of the England match.


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