Yr 2 – Day 38

Yr 2 – Day 38 – Sun 8 Oct – I was up at 6 to get the bus down to Northfields and caught the 8am train to Cambridge. It was a great journey and I finished of The New Pastor’s Handbook by Jason Helopulis, I’d lost it and then my father found it in Swansea. I think it’s a really terrific book that is useful for all in Pastoral Ministry. I also read Willie Still’s Rhythm of Rest and Work – it’s a very helpful book and refreshing. I feel I need to ponder it more but there’s great distilled biblical wisdom in it.

I was picked up by Peter Leverton one of the elders in CPC and the morning service is held in a school not dissimilar to us but a slightly smaller room. I found it hard going and preached on Psalm 16  , people were kind afterwards but they always are to visiting preachers. Hannah Lefroy who’s just gone to Cambridge to study came along which was encouraging. They are a lovely congregation and they’ve done well in the last year in an interregnum. Doug Macallum will be joining them the end of the month as the Associate Minister while they continue to look for a Senior Minister.

In the afternoon I was at the Leverton’s which was great fun, Heather was a student in Swansea when I was a little boy. We went to see little Leila Gibson’s grave, it’s still such a hard providence and so terribly sad yet she will rise. In the evening I was on Deut 6 and again didn’t find it easy to preach. Preaching is a mystery and sometimes there’s a feeling of it getting away from you in the very act. Sandra was across from Norwich so we piled back to Naomi Lefroy’s place before Daphne gave me a lift home. We were back just before 11.


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