Yr 2 – Day 42

Year 2 – Day 42 – Thu 12 Oct – The alarm went before 6 for Session Prayer which was excellent, I was home for breakfast with the kids. After that there was a load of different jobs to get done before I left for Gatwick at lunchtime. The flight to Malaga was all very straightforward but getting the hire car took ages. I managed to finish Van Damn’s book  on Deacons, which is an excellent work, I wouldn’t agree with a number of his conclusions but I’ll use quite a lot of it I hope as we seek to train deacons.

I got to the hotel for about 9 and most of the restaurants and pubs are either British or Irish. I found a Spanish restaurant and had Tapas but didn’t sleep that well.

I’ve made it on to BBC3, about a month ago I was cycling to Ealing Broadway and so a man aggressively shouting at a woman. I walked over and asked if she was ok, it turns out it was a social experiment to see who stopped. I was relieved as initially I was going to be a bit more aggressive with the fella.


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