Yr 2 – Day 44

Year 2- Day 44 – Sat 14 Oct – I was up early and in the sea and got some good work done before the wedding. The setting was beautiful at a golf club on the first tee overlooking the Med. The singing was trilingual English, Spanish and Hungarian and we gradually got the hang of it. I spoke from Philippians 2 and the heat wasn’t too bad. The Reception was good, terrific food and Spanish Dancers performed for about 45 minutes. There were 5 of us from IPC there, a number of others had hoped to be there but Monarch going bankrupt meant that their flights were cancelled. Emmanuelle and Simon who I’d married up in Halifax were there and it was lovely to catch up with them.

At our table I was sitting next to Martin Wizley who is the Pastor of Fernando’s home church in Malaga. I’d got to know Martin at a conference in Spain so it was nice to catch up. He is a Missionary with Heart Cry which is Paul Washer’s organisation.

I recused myself before the dancing started and was back at the hotel for 10.30.


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