Book of the Week 1 – Mansoul

I’m going to try and do a book of the week, getting some folk from our church to chip in occasionally. We’ll start off with small books and see how we get on. I’m going to try and review books that easily slip off the radar and don’t get lots of publicity. I watched this video of John MacArthur and Iain Murray talking about reading which made me think I need to do more to encourage our church to read. So here goes….


Mansoul – Based on John Bunyan’s Holy War – DayOne – 127 pages

This is a delightful book that DayOne have put out, a modernised version of Bunyan’s Holy War. Ruth Burke has written the text and it’s beautifully illustrated by Bruce Hyatt. The book grew out of a series of Children’s Talks and 30 years later has found it’s way to the printers. I am a huge fan Bunyan’s writing, his allegories are so clear even obvious, you can’t miss what he’s getting at. There’s great humour in his characters and so you find yourself reading him with a smile on your face. I find he constantly disarms me as a reader and gets under my skin. Ruth Burke has done an excellent job in keeping it Bunyan-esque. The book is aimed at Children, my 8 year old son can read it on his own an it can be read to younger children. It probably also works as a gift for kids aged 10/11 too. The book could be used in a variety of contexts family worship, Children’s talks and I also think it could work for adult small groups, in getting folk talking about spiritual war which is a subject we’re pretty reticent to talk about often. I’ve just sent it to one of our students at university.

For those unfamiliar to the story  – Diabolus seizes control of Mansoul from Lord Shaddai, and the people give themselves to Diabolus. Lord Shaddai his Captains to rescue but to no avail and then Prince Emmanuel  is sent who defeats Diabolus and recaptures Mansoul. There are 11 Chapters, a who’s who, a glossary and a mini biography of John Bunyan. The book is saturated with the gospel and instruction on the Christian life.

Astonishingly this book is only £1.50 from the DayOne Website!

If you’d like to use the illustrations in the book you can email –


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