Year 2 – Day 62

Yr 2 – Day 62 – Mon 1 Nov – I had one of those days where I had a couple of pastoral visits cancelled so I had a whole day in the study. I managed to get into Luke 10 and not come out. There’s occasionally times where you get so excited by a bible passage that the sermon falls out of it. I preached through Luke’s gospel but missed so much in Luke 10, by the end of the day I had a sermon ready to preach and was full of joy. Our Phoebe is still not well with a high temperature and vomiting, we’re hoping it won’t end in another hospital stay. Claire stayed at home and I went off to Prayer gathering which was thrilling, there were about 38/40 there and I heard folk pray in public that I’d not heard before in 14 years at IPC. We had new people there, people who we’ve prayed for in prayer gathering for years. It was just one of those days that the Lord gives us which is so full of encouragement. I found it hard to get to sleep I was so full of joy.


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