Year 2 – Day 63

Yr 2 – Day 63 – Fri 3 Nov – It wasn’t as exhilarating as yesterday, Phoebe is still not right though a bit better at the end of the day. We have a big weekend with the Ordination of 4 elders and on Saturday we’re holding an Office Bearers and their wives Training Morning with Ian Hamilton, we’ve invited other Presbyterian churches in the London area and there hopefully will be about 60 adults and 20 kids, so there’s a bit of prep for that. I popped into the Church Building Site and it’s coming along, mapped out elders meetings for 2018. I had a lovely time with one of our Iranian Christians in the afternoon, he told me a month ago he basically chopped off the top of his thumb on a circular saw. He reattached it with superglue and prayed for a miracle. His thumb is back to normal, I love stories like that. In the evening I met up with Alun Ebenezer who was in great form.


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