Yr 2 – Day 65

20171104_102805.jpgYear 2 – Day 65 – Sat 4 Nov –  We had 79 adults and around 25 children come to our elders/ deacons training morning. There were folk from Immanuel Brentford, All Nations Ilford, LCPC, Chelmsford Presbyterian, Cheltenham Presbyterian, Immanuel Brentwood, Canada Water and Grove Chapel. The day was pitched at those who were elders or deacons or potentially office bearers. Ian gave 2 sessions on ‘Understanding the Church’ and ‘Leadership in the Church’. It was terrific stuff and very helpful. I’m hopeful if I can find away I’ll put the recordings and handouts up on here.

Phoebe still wasn’t well so Claire didn’t get to come along  which was a shame. I was really pleased that the wives of our office bearers were able to be there. I do hope that we’ll be able to do something similar next year. It was excellent to have different Presbyterian Churches there, we need to work together more and help each other where we can.

The light lunch managed to stretch and then we were back home in the afternoon, some old friends from Grove came back with us to catch up and then my niece and her boyfriend were around in the early evening.


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