Yr 2 – Day 66

IMG-20171105-WA0000Year 2 – Day 66 – Sun 5 Nov –  Each church has significant days and I hope when we look back this will be one of them. We Ordained and Installed 4 new elders for our congregation. All the current elders took part, It was a thrilling morning, Ian preached to us elders and the congregation from Isaiah 42 – the Servant of the Lord must be…
dependent on the Holy Spirit
unself advertising
gentle and kind
undeviatingly faithful.
It was tremendous stuff and full of challenge and encouragement.

We had Ian’s son and his family round for lunch with Gethin and Sandra. The evening service was back at Dean Hall and slightly lower numbers than usual. Ian preached from Luke 16 – that puzzling passage on the Shrewd manager. He expounded the text and then had 3 points of application Jesus is encouraging us to live in the light of eternity/ We are all stewards, we owe nothing/ Christian giving is sacrificial not proportionate. It was gently challenging and we finished the day round the Lord’s Table. I’m not sure why but I find the Lord’s Supper after the evening service to close the day to be more helpful than in the morning. It’s fitting to end the Lord’s Day that way. Claire and Phoebe weren’t out in the evening and I feel for C having missed this weekend mainly.

To finish the day off my neighbours over the road gave me curry! Some days are just glorious.


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