Yr 2 – Day 67

Year 2 – Day 67 – Mon 6 Nov – Ellie was up in the night unwell and so sleep wasn’t the best. Chris and Gethin were around in the morning to catch up and Ian hung around till about 10. It’s been such a good time with him. I begun to work on Matthew 2 for Sunday morning and then Luke 10 for ELT tomorrow. There was quite a bit to prepare for Session Meeting and working through the Shepherding Lists for elders was encouraging. It should mean that we each have around 6/7 households.

I’m going to take responsibility for shepherding the elders and their families. The last time we did the Shepherding Lists they were too long and we ended up not being able to shepherd elders families, which is slightly ironic given the whole intention. I think this should be an excellent thing for our congregation.
Our Session meeting went well, and we made good decisions, I felt it dragged a little bit and couldn’t sleep as usual when I got home.


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