Yr 2 – Day 68

Yr 2 – Day 68 – Tue 7 Nov – I did some admin first thing and then worked on my lunchtime talk. I’d so loved working in Luke  10 that I had far too much material and was too long. I’m going to try and rework the material and preach it again sometime next year. It is one of those sermons that might travel. I had one of those afternoons where I went from one meeting to another – 3 pastoral meetings and team meeting, I cycled around stupidly without a coat and so was freezing by the end of it. I was back home for an hour before heading into the Guinea Grill for an evening looking at how Fulham Boys School can help set up Christian Schools around the country. Alun and Alex Wade the chair of governors spoke really well and it was great fun. Quite a few FIEC folk and Anglicans there, I think there is huge potential even where we are to set up a School. I was out with Reuben Hunter and Brian OD afterwards lots of banter but out far too late.


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