Book of the Week 2 – Remember Him


Remember Him – J.W Alexander – Banner of Truth – 56 Pages – £3.25

Who should come to the Lord’s Table? How do we come? How can we profit most from the Supper? How should I reflect during the week having eaten the bread and drunk the wine? In many ways this little work is practical teaching that fleshes out the Westminster Larger Catechism Q168 – 175. The book is only 56 pages,  chapters are just little paragraphs – there are 80 of them.

To teach and train people to cherish and make use of the Sacraments is one of the great Pastoral Challenges of our Day. When you ask people how have you benefitted from the Lord’s Supper? folk find that a difficult question to answer. The Christian life is not rocket science – sit under the Word, come to the Table, be with the Lord’s people and yet there’s little written recently on practically how do we best make use of the Lord’s Supper. This little book helps us enormously, with brief and clear teaching. Originally published in 1854 and aimed at those coming to the Table for the first time but also with an eye to those of us who’ve been Christians for some time. The author JW Alexander was a Presbyterian Minister in New York and taught for a brief period at Princeton Seminary.

It can easily be read in an hour and will warm your heart and may transform how you view the Lord’s Table.


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