Yr 2 – Day 129

Year 2 – Day 129 – Sun 7 Jan – It was first Sunday of the year and it was great to have folk back, it felt like we’d had loads away the last couple of weeks. I was on Deacons training which went well and then was preaching from Matthew 2:13-23, I felt really helped and the congregation were eagerly listening. Graham has again written some very helpful reflections on the sermon here. We had a couple of folk back for lunch and it was a real joy to have fellowship. In the night Gethin preached from 1 John 4:7-5:4 – Christian love is Consistent, Christian, Bold, Brotherly – a couple of Frozen illustrations went down well. I finished the day a bit down we’ve potentially¬† a number of folk moving out of London and that’s always hard. I’m praying the Lord will bring us new folk.


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