Yr 2 – Day 131

Year 2 – Day 131 – Tue 9 Jan – I went into town early to have breakfast with one of our under care men who is studying in Leiden. We went again to Regency Café – if you’ve never been it’s a magnificent place if for nothing else to hear the owner who is a small little woman throw her voice when calling out orders. It’s one of London’s great greasy spoons and brilliant value for money. I was back to do some more work before giving ELT on is Christianity Intolerant? It was good but too much content and I forgot to define tolerance which is a pretty basic mistake. It will need quite a bit of reworking for use again. There was a great crowd in. I had a meeting after lunch which took up most of the afternoon. In the evening I played 5 a side but no heroics this time, I play better when the opposition are poorer.


2 thoughts on “Yr 2 – Day 131”

  1. I dissent from your verdict on your excellent ELT talk. I thought the content was fine and very powerful and though you did not define toleration what you did about Jesus being tolerant then intolerant pretty well made time on a definition a bypath meadow. Except that early on I noted you had as an example of intolerance ‘love your enemies’. Did I note this wrongly? Or did you make a mistake? Or do I not understand? Perhaps I should listen to the recording.


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