Gender Ideology

Gender Ideology – What do Christians need to know? – Sharon James – CFP 2019

As Garry Williams rightly says “No one in their right mind will enjoy reading this book” but it is a brilliant book. There were times when reading where it was hard to believe the madness of our culture and yet as Christians and Churches we’re going to have to engage on this issue. In many ways it is very simple ‘God created man male and female after his own image‘ and yet upholding that is going to call for great courage in the face of huge hostility from the media and our culture.

Sharon James does a masterful job of keeping the book brief and accessible. As elders, youth group leaders, parents we’re going to need to be equipped and teach our congregation and children. Highly Recommended.

The book concludes with “Gender theory is a lie. To be sure, some ideas around masculinity and femininity are socially constructed, but that does not mean that maleness or femaleness is arbitrarily assigned at birth , or that it is something that can be affirmed independent  of one’s biological sex. Our culture is increasingly embracing gender theory, and it is shaping its legal and educational system in its light. But we need to hold on to the truth and to do so in a way that is informed and compassionate and which communicates the goodness of God’s truth for everyone.”

I found this fuller review by Norman Wells for Affinity

Evangelical Bookshop have Gender Ideology it for £5.99


  1. Paul,

    Thank you in particular for this recommendation. I purchased it immediately.

    Hope you are well!

    In Him, Tom

    Thomas Philip Swaim 3005 North Essex Court Hendersonville NC 28791 850 384 5674


  2. Thanks Tom, it’s good to hear from you.The book is excellent and hope it’s a help to you. Looking forward to you being back in West London soon.


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