The Child’s Story Bible

image of the Child Story bible

I woke up to the great news that the Catherine Vos’ Child’s Story Bible is being reprinted by the Banner of Truth. It is one of the books I’ve read probably more than any other.

My parents read it to me every morning. I remember as a child crying my eyes out when Moses died and didn’t make it into the promised land. We start the day as a family by reading a column. I’ve often been in a semi-comatosed state but it’s been wonderful to work our way through this book again and again with our own children.

Of all the Children’s Story Bibles I’ve seen not one of them is near to Catherine Vos. The version we have is by Erdmans and falling apart, it contains pretty horrific photos, and the version that my parents have has psychedelic trippy 1960’s photos. I have a nostalgic hope that the Banner might return to them.

It was first published in 1934, Catherine Vos was the wife of the Princeton Biblical Theologian Gerhardus Vos and according to his recent biography, his wife’s Children Story Bible sold far more than his works of erudite theology.

It’s a beautiful book that I hope families will buy and read on repeat for generations.

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