Yr 2 – Day 163

Year 2 – Day 163 – Mon 12 Feb – It was a catching up day and working for Sunday morning. I’m doing Brunel CU so I spent a couple of hours on that. Caught up with Alun Ebenezer for lunch and then in the evening we had deacons meeting.


Yr 2 – Day 162

Yr 2 – Day 162 – Sun 11 Feb – We had Deacons training and finished the WCF, I led and preached in the morning. We had lots away it being half term and although numbers were down it didn’t feel too bad. There was a family over from Romford with us en route to North Wales. We were just chilling out in the afternoon – Chicken Nuggets and Chips for lunch which the kids loved I’m not such a fan. Chris Roberts led and preached in the evening and was outstanding on Psalm 139, terrific and thoughtful exposition.

Yr 2 – Day 160

Yr 2 – Day 160 – Fri 9 Jan – A slightly smaller group made it to the prayer meeting first thing. Nearly all Queen’s students go home for the weekend so I’d be been expecting a smaller crowd for the meetings. I had breakfast with one of the Stranmillis EP elders before popping into Union for coffee with mates. The lunchbars on What’s the Point had good numbers and folk signed up for the follow up course. I had a trip to the Evangelical Bookshop and have nearly cleared my debt in there!! My brother in law and his wife had me for tea and I was back to do the last session on John 1, I switched from I am the Door. It’s been a great week and there was a slight end of camp feeling to the night, a privilege to serve these students I’ve been really impressed by them. I’d hoped to get  a Kebab in the night but just didn’t have the energy!

Yr 2 – Day 159

Yr 2 – Day 159  – Thu 8 Feb – I got the train in and didn’t come home for the after and was a really great day, both lunchtimes were full and my proofs talk went better than I thought it was going to. There were lots of good conversations afterwards and questions came in, most of them were too long to make sense of. In the afternoon I wrote the talk for the night on I am the Resurrection and the Life. I can’t remember the last time I wrote two talks in a day and I don’t particularly want to again. One of the youth group I used to run in Grove took me out for dinner which was very kind and great to catch up with him, hearing the joys and sorrows of life. The evening event was packed, a girl shared her story of self harm which was very powerful.  I spoke pretty bluntly but I was so pleased for the students they’d put masses of effort in and saw lots of folk come in.

Yr 2 – Day 158

Yr 2 – Day 158 – Wed 7 Feb – Well I’ve made it past the halfway point, usual routine in for prayer meeting which was full then 2 lunchbars on ‘Why does God allow Suffering?’ they were both full houses, and you could hear a pin drop. I was really encouraged and had some great conversations with folk afterwards. I got back to Ballyrobert for some sleep and then returned to Belfast for the evening. I had struggled prepping Jesus is the light of the world and it felt like a little bit of a paper chase all round the gospel but people were kind.

Yr 2 – Day 157

Yr 2 – Day 157 – Tue 6 Feb – I had the car today so drove in, prayer meeting slightly less and then the President took me for breakfast, an Ulster Fry, which is basically an English Cooked Breakfast but with an absurd amount of different breads, even a pancake! I popped in to Michael Maclennahan who’s teaching at Union and haven’t been in the building before which is beautiful. My two lunchbars were on ‘Is God Sexist?’ and both times I was besieged by questions. They do it by people being able to text in, the good thing about that is it’s anonymous, the bad point is you don’t actually get to engage with the person and people will say things anonymously that they wouldn’t face to face. I think it was fair to say there was fair bit of hostility but I really enjoyed the people who came up afterwards to talk and challenge. I had written a second talk for the evening on the Bread of Life and couldn’t work out which one to use, I’d love to do more work in the passage I think we often take it in unhelpful ways, there were quite a lot less there in the evening which I’m told is normal for the second day and I wasn’t on great form. I was pretty zonked by the time I got home.

What has been encouraging is I’m hearing from lots of people that they are praying and I know churches over here have been praying too.