Day 345

Day 345 – Tue 15 Aug –  I looked through my material for the kids camp and have made a switch from Isa 55 to the Questions series I preached earlier in the year on Sunday nights. In the rest of the morning I tried to do some work on Acts 6 which I hope to preach on this autumn as a one off.

Rob Ilderton took ELT on 2 Chronicles and did a good job, we caught up afterwards before I went to Turnham Green to hook up with Alun Ebenezer. I had a quick pastoral visit to do in the evening but was really tired so turned in very early.

Day 344

Day 344 – Mon 14 Aug – On the building front they started on the patio, kitchen fitters still going, my father painting away. I met with Marta to talk through our camp to Swansea, there’s probably going to be 39 of us going. The weather looks pretty ropey so pray for sunshine it makes a big difference. I popped in to town to see Dick Lucas about a few things, he was wonderfully encouraging and has given me a list of books to read. In the course of our conversation he read out –

CofE Article 23 –   Ministering in the congregation

It is not right for an man to take upon himself the office of public preaching or of administering the sacraments in the congregation before he has been lawfully called and sent to perform these tasks. The lawfully called and sent are those who have been chosen and called to this work by men who have had public authority given to them in the congregation to call and send such ministers into the Lord’s vineyard.
I found that very helpful. I caught up on some reading and am pretty convinced on preaching through the Heidelberg Catechism beginning at some point over the next year. I went through my material for Swansea, I’ll do 5 talks while I’m there. Alanna had made us tea which was really kind and in the evening I was off.

Day 343

Day 343 – Sun 13 Aug – It was nice to have a Sabbath from house renovations. It was lovely to be back at IPC, we had a number of visitors which swelled out numbers.  I was leading and Rich Woolfe who is a Minister at Village Seven Presbyterian Church in Colorado Springs preached helpfully for us from Ephesians 4. I’d not met Rich before but that church has been a great supporter of Missionaries who’ve served with us so it was good to have him. My dad had a long chat with his wife and found out that Village 7 was the church Jerry Bridges attended, my father knew him when they were in Amsterdam together in 50’s.

We were at Daphne’s for lunch with the Little’s which was lovely. In the evening Paul Meiners preached warmly to us from Philippians 4. There was a good number out for August and it was good to see folk again. I’m away now for the next 3 Sundays again, I’m looking forward to getting back to normality in September.

Day 342

Day 342 –  Sat 12 Aug – I went to the Gunnersbury Park Run which had 395 runners, there’s a whole world out there I didn’t know about. I spoke to some folk from Gunnersbury Baptist who dot it regularly which was good. I thought I’d run more quickly but it turns out I was 17 seconds slower.

A day of trying to do jobs and tidy up. I hoovered my study for the first time in 7 years and it looks better but still smells terrible after the freezer defrosting. We had trips to pick different things for the extension.

In the evening I popped in on Katy and then up to Graham at Northwick Park who was in good form.


Day 341

Day 341 – Fri 11 Aug  – Ealing Planning have rejected my two storey study at the bottom of the garden so I met with the architect again who assures me a one storey one will be accepted so we’re back into planning hopefully on Monday. There was lots of emails and admin to catch up on and Natalie popped in during the afternoon to talk about next year a little. I had an evening of Pastoral Visiting and got to see three households. All 3 were encouraging.

Day 340

Day 340 – Day 340 – Thu 10 Aug – I went out to my study first thing to discover that our freezer which is being stored in there had defrosted while we’re away. When the builders had done the electrics they’d switched off the electric out in the sheds so a freezer full of food was ruined. The smell is horrific. Fair play to the builders they turned up on mass in the afternoon to put right all the things that had been wronged. At least they are honest with their mistakes. I met with Gethin in the morning and Jess in the late afternoon, waded through emails and began to get into gear. I popped in to see Graham in the evening who is in this remarkable penthouse room in Northwick Park Hospital, he is in very good form.

Donald Macleod has written an excellent piece on – Should Presbyterians Have Dedication Services?

Day 339

Day 339 – Wed 9 Aug – We had the morning in Ballyrobert before getting the 1.30 flight from George Best Airport. We’ve left Noah and Ellie for a week in NI and so Phoebe coped with the flight well. The house is a bit of a disaster zone and we were disappointed the builders hadn’t done as much as we expected. There’s no cooker for a week and the only water is in the bathroom. It’s all pretty stressful and I need to believe what I preach to others about not being anxious. However if one more person tells me it’ll be worth it in the end I’ll throttle them. We were up late sorting stuff out, we’ll get there.