Day 168

Day 168 – Thu 16 Feb – Claire’s brother had arranged for us to get a tour of Houses of Parliament which was really fantastic. I took an out of focus photo of a prayer that hangs outside the commons chamber. I’ve been before and it’s one of those places that never disappoints. They went on to the Sky Gardens whilst I came back and drove down to Liss for a session meeting and then the first meeting of their Pastoral Search Committee which was very encouraging.



Day 167

Day 167 – Wed 15 Feb – Ellie was sick in the night and every available space in our house is used up so she was in bed with us, it wasn’t the best nights sleep. Paul and Jenny took Noah into the science museum and around London while Ellie and Phoebe stayed home with Claire. In the midst of catching up with around a 1000 jobs that have remained undone, I got some work done on Jonah 4. In preparing I have slightly changed my mind on Jonah 3 which I’m disappointed I didn’t spot earlier. I had another free evening which was really nice to be at home.

Day 166

Day 166 – Tue 14 Feb – We spent the morning in Kew Gardens, it’s a magnificent place no matter how packed there always seems to be places where you can escape that are quiet. I caught the 65 up to the Ealing Lunchtime Talks and spoke on Psalm 139. I need more time before I preach Romans 11 and so went into the back catalogue. There was a full house and a new lady from the council which is encouraging. I’m not a great fan of reheated talks but God was gracious and I felt liberty in applying.

I came back home and got some work done before  they all arrived back from Kew. We had a chilled out evening at home

Day 165

Day 165 – Mon 13 Feb – The kids are on half term so it was nice to have all the family around. Will and Mariannne who are down from Edinburgh for a weekend popped in for an hour which was lovely. I’m hoping to take a few days off this week and so got down to Isaiah 53 in the morning and made good progress. There’s no internet in my shed for some reason so I worked from Café Nero in the afternoon just trying to get ahead for Sunday, there’s quite a bit to catch up on having lost last week. Claire’s eldest brother and family are here for the half term from Belfast so they arrived late afternoon and the evening was spent just chilling out.

Day 164

Day 164 – Sun 12 Feb – I woke up with a sore throat and didn’t have much pitch in my voice. There was a shorter Sunday School and though we had lots of our regulars away a good sprinkling of visitors were with us. I croaked my way through Isaiah 50 which is a beautiful passage. We were just the family in the afternoon, we kept Phoebe home all day but Daphne babysat in the evening.


At night I was on Jonah 3 and didn’t feel  I was completely on top of it. It’s a fascinating book.

Day 163

Day 163 – Sat 11 Feb – A day  off, Adrian and Rachel wonderfully took Noah and Ellie for the morning on a play date whilst Claire did the shops and house stuff, I looked after Phoebs. In the afternoon we watched the Irish demolition of the Italians and then over tea England scrape past Wales. I was convinced we were going to do it and up to 75 minutes we were just about in control. Devastating. There’ll be no rugby illustrations tomorrow.


I think it’s fair to say the lack of sleep has caught up and I’ve been a bit of a bear with a sore head, the rugby hasn’t helped!

Day 162

Day 162 – Fri 10 Feb – Phoebe slept well through the night and though hospitals are deliberately designed so that you’re woken up as soon as you get off, I did manage a few hours. Much to our and her joy Phoebe was allowed to go home about 11. In the end they said she’d had Para Flu whatever that is but she’s over it now. We were back home midday and then it was business as usual, sermons, admin, some visiting. Noah and Ellie were delighted to have Phoebe home and normal family life ensued. Much to be thankful for and a great need for sleep.