What would make you walk away? – Minister’s Letter Feb 21

Dear all at IPC, I was recently asked after speaking to a group of non-Christians ‘If there was anything that would cause me to walk away from the faith or not believe the gospel?’It’s a brilliant question and has haunted me since it was asked. What the questioner had in mind was if there was… Continue reading What would make you walk away? – Minister’s Letter Feb 21

Death Lib – Steve Turner

Steve Turner is a Christian author and Poet whom I know nothing about apart from that he wrote this poem. It’s a brilliant expose of death…….. The liberating thing about deathIs in its fairness to womenits acceptance of blacks,its special considerationfor the sick.And I like the waythat children aren’t excluded,homosexuals are welcomed,and militants aren’t banned.Con… Continue reading Death Lib – Steve Turner

Eddie Izzard and the Resurrection

Eddie Izzard the Comedian, Marathon runner and Activist gave a poignant interview with the Guardian reflecting on the death of his mother back in 2017 – “Everything I do in life is trying to get my mother back” He’s crying out for the gospel and the resurrection but doesn’t know it……….. “I have a very… Continue reading Eddie Izzard and the Resurrection

Anne of Green Gables goes to Church

My wife and eldest daughter have been reading Anne of Green Gables and my ears pricked up at the devastating description of Anne’s first visit to church. It’s brilliantly written but slightly too near the knuckle …………… “I went into the church with a load of other little girls, and I sat in the corner… Continue reading Anne of Green Gables goes to Church

Good advice for Ministers….

I’m currently reading “Counsel to Gospel Ministers” by John Brown of Haddington which Reformed Heritage Books have just published. I think the book is mixed but worthy,  I particularly liked the below. I wish he’d expanded on what he means to ‘study to possess a courageous disposition of mind’…. ‘In regard to your own person, labor to… Continue reading Good advice for Ministers….

Day 186

Day 186 – Tue 7 Mar – Our little elite group met for Ch7 and 8 of Knowing God. Packer writes beautifully on the immutability and majesty of God…. ‘Our personal life is a finite thing: it is limited in every direction, in space, in time, in knowledge, in power. But God is  not so limited.… Continue reading Day 186