Yr 2 – Day 170

Year 2 – Day 170 – Mon 19 Feb – The kids were back in school and then I went to meet the rest of the church staff at UWL, we’d planned 6 weeks of lunchbars and the plan was for us to flyer all morning and then hopefully students would come to the Castle Pub to hear me speak on ‘Is God Sexist?’, the flyering went well and there was positive responses but not one student came. It felt pretty sad us all waiting at the back of the pub. We’d been praying 6 people would come and so it’s hard not to be discouraged by it. We’ll give it one more go next week and see how we get on, it’s worth trying.

In the afternoon I did some more work on the Fruit of the Spirit and then in the evening was Session Meeting. We had a full agenda and weren’t done till 10.20 which is late for us. There were good decisions made and exciting things but we’re facing some challenges at the moment, lots to pray for. I’m so grateful for the elders, they are good men, when I’m tempted to be discouraged you just look around the room at the calibre of guys with their different gifts and it puts strength into you, we were missing Graham and Andrew but it was a good time.


Yr 2 – Day 169

Yr 2 – Day 169 – Sun 18 Feb – It was the last session on a Sunday morning of the deacons training and it went well , it’s been encouraging to meet with them each week. I preached on Matthew 5:13-16 and really enjoyed it. I had some of the best conversations I’ve had after sermons with folk for ages. We had folk back for the afternoon and it was good to be able to chill out. Chris R preached powerfully from Psalm 139 again and parents of people we were in uni with were around.

Yr 2 – Day 164

Year 2 – Day 164 – Tue 13 Feb – I had team meeting in the morning and caught up with Graham for lunch before ELT. Gethin was on Nehemiah 9 as a summary of Exodus. I had  a great afternoon preparing and managed to finish Sunday morning, do the service sheet and FactFinders. I’m on Salt and Light and think I’ve got some fresh things to say. It was a great feeling to be done so early in the week. In the night I was at Brunel CU in Uxbridge I’d say there were about 25 there, I’d only ever spoken there once before ironically on Pancake Day aswell. they are a good bunch and have their mission week next week.