Yr 2- Day 45

Year 2 – Day 45 – Sun 15 Oct – I picked up Matt and Rach and Jared and Sophie and we went to the Iglesia Bautista de la Gracia. They meet on gorund floor of an apartment block in a lovely converted shopfront. There were about 30 of us and they sang well, Martin preaching from 2 Cor 5:21 – Fernando’s friend translated the sermon for us and it was a joy to hear it.  They are a warm and welcoming church.

I dropped the IPC-ers off back at their hotel and headed to Fuengirola to see a David Gibson’s little brother who lives out there. My flight was at 9pm and all pretty straightforward. At Heathrow for some reason they’d stopped Heathrow Connect/ Express and the tube so  it was 3 bus journeys to get home. It took nearly as long to get from Heathrow to Hanwell as it did from Malaga to Heathrow!


Yr 2 – Day 44

Year 2- Day 44 – Sat 14 Oct – I was up early and in the sea and got some good work done before the wedding. The setting was beautiful at a golf club on the first tee overlooking the Med. The singing was trilingual English, Spanish and Hungarian and we gradually got the hang of it. I spoke from Philippians 2 and the heat wasn’t too bad. The Reception was good, terrific food and Spanish Dancers performed for about 45 minutes. There were 5 of us from IPC there, a number of others had hoped to be there but Monarch going bankrupt meant that their flights were cancelled. Emmanuelle and Simon who I’d married up in Halifax were there and it was lovely to catch up with them.

At our table I was sitting next to Martin Wizley who is the Pastor of Fernando’s home church in Malaga. I’d got to know Martin at a conference in Spain so it was nice to catch up. He is a Missionary with Heart Cry which is Paul Washer’s organisation.

I recused myself before the dancing started and was back at the hotel for 10.30.

Yr 2 – Day 43

Year 2 – Day 43 – Fri 13 Oct – I feel slightly guilty at having a day by the pool and at the beach while Claire is at home with the kids. The day dragged a bit but I finished off Jon Payne’s little book on worship ‘The Splendour of Holiness’, it’s a lovely little read. I got to see Edit and Fernando for a bit of a run through and they were nervous in a good way. Apart from that I was just around in the sun with a couple of trips into  the sea.

Yr 2 – Day 42

Year 2 – Day 42 – Thu 12 Oct – The alarm went before 6 for Session Prayer which was excellent, I was home for breakfast with the kids. After that there was a load of different jobs to get done before I left for Gatwick at lunchtime. The flight to Malaga was all very straightforward but getting the hire car took ages. I managed to finish Van Damn’s book  on Deacons, which is an excellent work, I wouldn’t agree with a number of his conclusions but I’ll use quite a lot of it I hope as we seek to train deacons.

I got to the hotel for about 9 and most of the restaurants and pubs are either British or Irish. I found a Spanish restaurant and had Tapas but didn’t sleep that well.

I’ve made it on to BBC3, about a month ago I was cycling to Ealing Broadway and so a man aggressively shouting at a woman. I walked over and asked if she was ok, it turns out it was a social experiment to see who stopped. I was relieved as initially I was going to be a bit more aggressive with the fella.

Yr 2 – Day 41

Year 2 – Day 41 – Wed 11 Oct – I was preparing for the wedding later this week and making little progress on a number of fronts during the day. I had a couple of people pop in and see me about some pastoral issues and then in the evening Gethin was doing an overview of 1 Samuel which we’ll be studying in homegroups this year. It was memorable for him using 2 Hip Hop songs?/ raps? of a fellow student at Westminster.

Yr 2- Day 40

Year 2 – Day 40 – Tue 11 Oct – I had a good morning working on sermons before ELT where Gethin was on the Parable of the net. I had a quick pastoral meeting and then Team meeting. In the evening it was pretty chilled out. I was back at 5 a side and then David Gibson who was down to interview our 4 elder candidates on behalf of C&C was staying at ours. We had a trip to Expresso Kebabs which undid all the good work of 5 a side.