Year 2 – Day 199

Year 2 – Day 199 –  Wed 21 Mar – I was up before 6  to get into Westminster to meet with a friend of mine who works there. We had a good time of prayer. I’ve decided to ditch Matthew 5 on Sun morning for a number of reasons, we have a baptism of an Iranian brother, it’s Palm Sunday and there’s a church meeting afterwards with a ballot for deacons and elders. I spent a morning working on Mark, not having a study is driving me nuts, it’s not the place to work so much as knowing you have books that would help but you can’t get at them. The books should come out of storage on Easter Tuesday! I’ve managed to say no to a load of bookings lately which I’ve amazed myself with, today I had two phone calls to do something and somehow said No to them both. Claire’s dad is over for a site meeting and was around for a good house group on 1 Sam 13/14.


Yr 2- Day 198

Year 2- Day 198 – Tue 20 Mar – It was early morning prayer gathering and then back for more work in Matthew 5. Chris R was on excellent form from John 20 at ELT, with particularly good illustrations. We had team meeting and then a bit of admin to do. In the evening one of the church couples that are moving out of London popped round and it was sweet fellowship. It’s hard to say goodbye to folk.

Yr 2 – Day 196

Year 2 – Day 196 – Sunday 18 March – It was a Sunday where we said goodbye to a couple of couples which was hard and I’d not been looking forward to it, but we had an excellent congregation in the morning with quite a lot of newcomers. Some folk I’ve been visiting  came along which was encouraging and other visitors. Ellie was sick in the night so she missed church all day again and we didn’t have anybody back for lunch. I was on in the night on Numbers 9 & 10 and felt some freedom as I preached.  Donald and his Dad came back for supper.

Yr 2 – Day 195

Year 2 – Day 195 – Sat March – We didn’t make it to Parkrun again but a morning of jobs and taking my mam to different places. Noah and I finished ‘The Return of the King’, it’s been so brilliant to read it together. The last 100 pages are nothing short of magical, beautiful writing. We finished watching the film but it was a bit of a disappointment after the books. The rugby was terrific, good on Ireland, the Wales match was dour but good to get a win.

Yr 2 – Day 194

Year 2 – Day 194 – Fri 16 March – I had a good morning on sermons and then headed into the City to meet one of our church members. From there I went up to meet my mother from the train in Kings Cross, they are at the stage of life where they attend funerals full time in all parts of the country!! We were back and I did some more work in Numbers. Our builder popped in, he assures me that the study will be done within a week, painting, flooring and shelving will need to go in but that might have to wait till we can afford it but at least I’ll be able to get the books out of storage. We were with my mother for the evening who was in good form!!

Yr 2 – Day 194

Yr 2 – Day 194 – Thu 15 Mar – It was a morning at the books working on Matthew 5 – Lust! and Numbers 9. A lengthy Skype call and then Greenford Lunchtime Talks with Chris Roberts on Incomprehensibility. I had a long pastoral meeting which took most of the afternoon and then in the evening I was back at the books. In the evening I had another Skype call and was pretty zonked.