Yr 2 – Day 83

Year 2 – Day 83 – Wed 22 Nov – I was working on a couple of sermons for the next few months and got a bit more reading on the devil done. I had to go back and for the DIY shop a few times for my father in law who was putting down a hearth in our back room. He was over for a site meeting on the church building project, they found a bit more asbestos than expected I’m told so are a couple of weeks behind, we’re praying they make it up. In the afternoon I had a pastoral visit with some folk and then in the evening was our half yearly meeting. We were done in 40 minutes which I think is a record, nothing remarkable to report!!


Yr 2 – Day 82

Year 2 – Day 82 – Tue 21 Nov – It was early morning prayer at Dean Hall, I’ve finally mastered which keys to use to get in after 3 months of trying!! I was in the study all morning, Jess popped in for a bit of admin. Then out to the lunchtime talks Chris R excellent on Ecclesiastes 4, there was a new lady who had seen me reading on the tube with one of the fliers and when she saw the sign came in. I was in Westminster for a meeting in the afternoon and managed to get home in 45 minutes, the quickest ever!! It’ll never happen that quickly again.

Rob Ilderton had invited me to go to Griffin Park to watch Brentford vs Burton Albion, it’s such a great old old stadium, reminds me of the Vetch. The first half was dire but the second livened up and finished 1-1. I should go to more games there and bring Noah.

Yr 2 – Day 81

Year 2 – Day 81 – Mon… Nov – My parents left first thing and after dropping off the kids, I tried to get down to some study. I’m preaching in Loughborough this coming Sunday and so have less immediate prep to do. I’ve wanted to do some study on the Devil for a while so began Fred Leahey’s book ‘Satan cast out’ and so far it’s excellent. I went in to have lunch with Alun Ebenezer and then caught up with a member of the congregation during the afternoon. We had a couple from the church come round in the evening to chat pastorally which was encouraging.

Yr 2 – Day 80

Year 2 – Day 80 – Sun 19 Nov – I was on Children’s Sunday School while Chad VD did a session on the Westminster Confession. People really enjoyed hearing him and there was a bumper turnout which was encouraging. Chad preached on John the Baptist from John 3, it was an excellent sermon and really good to have him with us. I had to drop him off at Kings Cross which took an age, he’d had an appendectomy last week which means he can’t really lift his bags but he made it to Cambridge for the evening. I was on Numbers 3 & 4 and we had muddle in the middle where the sermon got away from me a bit. Mam and Dad enjoyed being with us and the kids were in good form all day.

Yr 2 – Day 79

Yr 2 – Day 79 – Sat 18 Nov – Park Run in the morning but my knee was giving me trouble so I gave up halfway. Noah made it round with some friends we’ve made there. We were back to do different jobs round the house as it was a pretty miserable day weather wise. Mam and Dad were about and in good form. I went to pick Chad Van Dixhoorn from Oxford for 10.30 – he’d had some fancy dinner so it was near midnight before bed.

Year 2 – Day 78

Year 2 – Day 78 – Fri 17 Nov – I’d planned a day of meetings in the city so went up early in the morning. I’m hoping we might have another Baptism soon so I was meeting with one of the congregation. I had coffee with a minister friend and then lunch with Dick Lucas. He was in great form and was very sharp. I had a quick drink with Gethin when back in Ealing before trying to sort out my computer woes. So far no joy. Claire and I were out in the evening as my folks were babysitting.

Year 2 – Day 77

Yr 2 – Day 77 – Thu 16 Nov – It was Session early morning prayer so I wanted to get some work done before we met, the alarm went off at 5.40 but then I couldn’t get my key to work at Dean Hall. Fiddling about with the lock for 20 minutes at 6 in the morning is one of the most frustrating things known to man. We had a good time of prayer and I was back to get trying to get into Numbers 3&4. It was a slow morning with not much progress made. Greenford Lunchtime Talks was on week 2 and there were 20 of us there which was very encouraging. I’m hopeful that it can get some traction before Christmas and become a viable ministry. Chris was very helpful again on John 3. In the afternoon it was Noah’s school assembly so we trooped down for that. I am having computer trouble and so lost a bit of work on Numbers and then in the middle of the evening my Laptop just gave up the ghost. I’ll take it to my man tomorrow to see if he can have a look at it but I think it might be cooked.