Yr 2 – Day 273

Year 2 – Day 273 – Tue 5 June – Mark Jones from Vancouver was in town so it was nice to catch up with him from breakfast at the Drayton with Gethin. We had team meeting which was a good time, then on to ELT – Chris Roberts has done a great job in Ecclesiastes – Analysing is Paralysing – Be Bold in Uncertainties and uncertainties. I was on to Cornhill and felt more on top of my material, it’s interesting how in the preaching things can become much clearer to you. Depressingly again very very few had even heard of McCheyne, the course is now different with more folk on Mon and Tue with a broader appeal than preachers. There’s good and bad points to that. In the evening I went on a wood finding frenzy with Noah and we stocked up for the winter.


Yr 2 – Day 272

Year 2 – Day 272 – Mon 4 June – I worked on 1 Thessalonians during the morning looking at the gospel minister then headed into Cornhill to give a lecture on it. I wasn’t really on top of the material, I leaned on McCheyne’s famous Ordination sermon. Tragically only 2 had read McCheyne and only 3 or 4 had even heard of him which is pretty depressing. They asked decent questions but I was asked about the last time I was in and talked about the Covenant and Children. It was ok but I think I was tired after the weekend and so not at my best. In the evening we had session meeting, we’re getting our business done in an hour and then Liss is taking a while at the moment, so we were done bang on 10.

Yr 2 – Day 271

Year 2 – Day 271 – Sun 3 June – It was a pretty tired day after the wedding. I was preaching on the end of the Sermon on the Mount. I enjoyed it, old friends of ours were there from Cardiff. My niece and her boyfriend came for lunch with my parents which the kids loved, it was a full house with Sandra and a couple of others here. Gethin was thankfully preaching in the night helpfully finishing off Obadiah and we finished the day with communion.

Yr 2 – Day 270

Year 2 – Day 270 – Sat 2 JuneĀ  – We were out early for the wedding, Claire was playing the piano and I was prepping. There were about 120 I think at the wedding, the singing was terrific and I felt helped though maybe a bit long. It was great fun catching up with people after 20 years, it felt like the world of my childhood and adolescence collided with the world of IPC. Our church folk did a great job serving all day. Geoff gave a lovely speech and then we went to the Pilot for the reception. There were 5 more speeches, 1 German, 4 Welsh all very good and much belly laughter. We were hope for about half 7 and I was glad we’d got through it all

Yr 2 – Day 269

Year 2 – Day 269 – Fri 1 April – It was a full on day with a wedding rehearsal in the morning, Geoff and Barbara came back to ours for a bit and then I locked myself in the study. The sermons took longer than they should have and I’m more nervous about the wedding than I’ve been before. There was an elders social gathering we were hoping to get to but with my parents with us, my father’s birthday tomorrow and the wedding we just couldn’t fit it all in.

Yr 2 – Day 268

Year 2 – Day 268 – Wed May 30 – It was a pretty full on day with pastoral visits, the President from Queens CU was in town so came to Ealing and caught up. I then had an encouraging lunch with one of our young men who was full of ideas of how we can use the new building when it’s done. In the afternoon I visited one of our older couples. Claire and I both got to housegroup as my parents are around.