Yr 2 – Day 105

Yr 2 – Day 105 – Thu 14 Dec – We had an excellent time at the session early morning prayer. I’d been feeling pretty flat this week and it did me lots of good to pray with my elders. I got down to the carol service and have made pretty good progress. It’s all a bit stressful with getting my study ready to be dismantled tomorrow and so I worked on that for a bit. We have a lad with us for London Week of Proc Trust, he is in lectures all morning and then comes out to shadow me. In the evening one of our students who is back from uni popped round to chat about various things which was encouraging but it meant it ended up being a late one.


Yr 2 – Day 103

Year 2 – Day 103 – Tue 12 Dec – I was back home by 11, no hanging around in airports. There were bits and bobs to catch up on then on to ELT. There was a bumper crowd with nearly 40 there and a few of our regulars away. Gethin preached excellently from Isaiah 9 and there’s a bit of a buzz about next week’s carol service. Afterwards we had team meeting and then I read for a bit. I went back to 5 a side in the evening which was good fund and my knee was ok.

Yr 2 – Day 102

Yr 2 – Day 102 – Mon 11 Dec – I took the kids to school and went straight to Heathrow in the hope that I might be able to get an earlier flight to Belfast. It was absolute carnage there and I queued for an hour to be told no chance. My plane was due to leave at 5.15 so I based myself in a restaurant, had a cooked breakfast, wrote the carol service talk for that night, read and caught up on various things. It’s a funny sensation being in an airport, it’s like they are built to make you spend money as if it’s not real and so you find yourself tempted to buy things you don’t need. I managed to resist apart from ludicrously overpriced Ginger Beer.

We were late boarding and then sat on the runway until 6.30. Thankfully Queens CU had a stand in. I slightly freaked out with the air hostesses and managed to get off first. I was off the plane at 7.45 and sitting in the front row of the church by 8.10. They were 40 mins in but I had a couple of carols and readings to get myself together. The place was rammed, I gave a 20 min talk on the Offensive Christmas. The service was typical of students we had a Rock version of Joy to the World which was memorable and a carol to Auld Lang Syne which wasn’t bad. My father in law picked me up and we had KFC, I was ready for bed by 11. A memorable day.

Yr 2 – Day 101

Year 2 – Day 101  – Sun 10th Dec – We’re sending an elder down to Liss each week so that we have some contact with the congregation and it was my turn yesterday. There was snow in London but nothing in Hampshire. James Buchanan preached very well from John 6 on the Bread of Life

Ellie had been unwell in the night and so Claire didn’t get out to IPC, I got back to Ealing for mid afternoon and was preaching on Numbers 7 at night. I was too long and should probably listen to some of my own advice on preaching! There was a new man who had come in who lives locally.

The snow has caused my flight to be cancelled to Belfast tomorrow so I’m now booked on a flight that gets me in half hour before I’m due to speak so I was unsuccessfully on the phone to BA trying to get things changed

Yr 2 – Day 100

Year 2 – Day 100 – Sat 10 Dec – We were back at Park Run but my knee still isn’t right, Noah ran around with the course director and I trailed behind back over the 30 min mark which is humiliating. From then on it was one thing after another, kids Christmas party, hunting for a tree, someone came to view and buy my study. Claire had the women’s party in the night so I read and did a bit of sermon work.

Yr 2 – Day 99

Year 2 – Day 99 – Fri 8 Dec – I worked all morning on Numbers 7 which is the second longest chapter in the bible!! I think I’ve nearly cracked it. Chris and Gethin came for lunch and it was good to catch up. I finally gave in and went to the dentist – probably a cracked tooth which means it’ll need to come out, anyway 9 more days till next appointment to see if he’s right or not. I got to Ealing Hospital to see one of elderly members who I thought was doing much better and then home for a bit more study and the rest of the evening off.