Yr 2 – Day 227

Yr 2 – Day 227 – Wed 19 April – I had a good morning in the study before heading into town to meet a potential donor for our building project.

I was back in Ealing mid afternoon and spent some more time reading. I’m trying to wean myself off Twitter, it can be great fun but is in the main a colossal waste of my time. I also find the less people you follow the less annoyed you get by people on there. In the evening I was out at house group and then did some more work afterwards which wasn’t very productive.


Yr 2 – Day 226

Yr 2 – Dy 226 – Tue 17 April – It was a morning grappling with the end of Matthew 5, then ELT where Gethin began a new series on the Resurrection, followed by team meeting at ours. In the evening I visited a couple who teach at Eton they are potentially talking about coming to us, it’s something of a trek so we’ll see.

Yr 2 – Day 324

Year 2  Day 324 – Sun 15 April – We had a good time in the morning, I preached on Matthew 5:38-42 and found help in it. We have had a Japanese lady profess faith and there was a grieving lady and her son in the congregation. I wish I could have helped her more in the preaching.  I hope and pray she will come back.

We had a houseful in the afternoon and was please that a Korean girl who was with us in church for the first time came back. In the evening I was on Numbers 12 – at least 10 minutes too long. I didn’t feel I did the passage justice.

Yr 2 – Day 321

Year 2 – Day 321 – Thu 12 April – It was a pretty usual morning, I’m preparing Sermon on the Mount and am deliberately not reading Lloyd Jones as he’s so good, the last time I preached it I found it difficult not to just parrot what he said. Preparation is such a funny thing those passages you think you’ll find easy to prepare are often hardest to crack. I’ve certainly found that with Matthew 5. I met with an old minister John Tindall for lunch, I didn’t know him at all but my brother and Reuben Hunter spoke really well of him. He was the minister in Chessington for 22 years and served in other places. He asked me great questions and it was just good to be able to speak candidly to an older minister.  In the afternoon I spent some time with the kids who are still off. In the evening I picked up Graham and we went down to Liss for their church meeting which was wonderfully uneventful. I got back a bit after 10.